Miss Tilley’s Pop up Coffee Shop

Welcome to Miss Tilley’s Community Café! Laura Tilley is the inspiration behind this joint venture. Laura and Clare have been friends for 9 years and started a ‘pop-up’ community café where anyone can come and enjoy a drink and a delicious bite to eat in an accepting and inclusive environment. We are so delighted that they now have a pop up session every Thursday & Friday here at The ARK from 10.00am-1pm.

The concept behind this was recognising that on leaving school or college, young people with additional needs find it very challenging to find employment, and this can lead them to feel under valued and isolated. The community can play an important role in supporting young people whatever their needs, to find employment, friendship and essentially a sense of self worth. Whether you are a customer or part of the Miss Tilley’s team, the aims of our cafe are to celebrate people’s individuality, promote independence and build self esteem.