As a church we believe we have a responsibility to God and each other to care for vulnerable adults, and nurture and protect children and young people. For this reason, we work to best practice guidelines as set out in the Baptist Union’s Safe to Grow policy and Safe to Belong Policy.  As part of these policies we have Designated Persons for Safeguarding and a Designated Trustee for Safeguarding, who work alongside our Ministers.  Any of these people can be consulted if friends, parents, leaders or young people themselves, have concerns or comments about any aspect of the church’s involvement with children and young people or vulnerable adults. This is particularly important where there is suspicion of abuse of any child or adult.  For a full copy of Ararat’s Safe Guarding Policies please contact the church office.

Jan Kearsley

Designated Person for Safeguarding

Rhiannon Scott

Designated Person for Safeguarding

Jenny Lewis

Trustee for Safeguarding