Centre for the Community – The Ark

Since the official opening in March 2018, we have seen many pass through the doors and enjoy meeting for coffee, teas and relaxing with friends. THE ARK was given the name as it was a building project, the Ark was a place of protection, refuge and security and the original Ark landed on Mount Ararat!

Many have found this place of safety and security apart from all the other events that take place in the rest of the Community Centre.

We would love to see you and there is always a friendly face here so please don’t worry about coming on your own.

We are so grateful to God for the provision He has given for us to have this incredible facility.

We hope this will be a real HUB to be used by all in our community. Please be a part of it.



We have toys for little ones, high chairs and baby changing facilities, so parents or carers can relax while the little ones play.



Renew is our Well-being Café. This is a quiet shared space where it is OK not to be OK. It is an opportunity to come and share a hobby, learn a new one or simply to enjoy the quiet space with your favourite brew. Renew is here 2-4pm on Tuesdays.