If you are considering Ararat as a venue for your wedding service please contact our Minister through the church office to make an appointment. Below is some information you may find helpful as you prepare for your special day.

Registration of a Wedding

When the bride and groom live in the same district only one marriage certificate is required, preceded by one notice, and either party can give it. When the bride and groom live in different districts, two certificates are required (one from each Registry Office). You will need to contact the Superintendent Registrar, at Cardiff Register Office, City Hall (North West Entrance), Cathays Park, Cardiff, CF10 3ND. You can ring 029 2087 1680 or 2087 1684 to make an appointment.  You can find more information from the Council website:

Marriage by Certificate

Seven days residence is required before notice is given to the Registrar. This notice must be displayed for 21 clear days, after which the marriage may take place, though it must take place within twelve months following the date of notice. This is our recommended option.

Marriage by Licence

15 days residence is required by at least one of the couple, then notice is given. The marriage may take place one clear day after the date of notice, although Christmas Day, Good Friday or Sundays are not regarded as a clear day. The Marriage must take place within twelve months following the date of notice. In this instance, only one notice is required and only one Licence is given. PLEASE NOTE: This is the most expensive option and NOT recommended!

Marriage Certificate

We strongly suggest that the Registrar’s Certificate for Marriage is immediately taken to the church and given to the Minister or Mrs Frances Ferguson. It can then be put in the church safe and kept ready for the wedding day. The wedding cannot take place if this document is lost or misplaced!!

The Church

The Church will be booked for you. For enquiries about gaining access, bringing in flowers etc, please telephone the Church Office in advance on 029 2061 0831.

Marriage Preparation

Ararat has a policy that it will only marry couples who have attended a marriage preparation course. This usually comprises 3 sessions led by a trained facilitator who will help you check your relationship has good fundamentals and foundations on which to build a strong and healthy marriage. The course, which is based on the Christian principles of marriage, does not involve you having to share any information or personal feelings with anyone nor does it assume Christian belief or faith.

Church Attendance

It is really helpful in preparing for your wedding day that you come along on a Sunday to get a feel of what Ararat Baptist Church is like and become familiar with the layout of the place. Many people, as they start thinking about the commitment of marriage, find themselves wanting to explore other issues and questions of life; if that’s true for you, look out for information about our next Alpha course or ask one of the ministers who will be happy to talk further to you about this.


Two or three ushers should be chosen (usually including one from each family). Ushers are there to welcome people, give out orders of services, show people to seats etc. You may also want them to check to see everyone has transport and/or maps to the Reception after the service.


This is your responsibility and choice. You may wish to book a private florist. If you do, please make sure they contact the Church Office well in advance to check they can get access to the church.


Our Music Co-ordinator, Brenda Dawe, will be notified of the wedding date. Please specify your preferred music requirements on the attached form and Brenda will try to meet them, although, please note, this is subject to musicians/singers availability. The Minister will be able to discuss this with you and make suggestions or give advice.


There are new copyright rules for weddings where CD’s are played and the service is audio/video recorded. Please let us know if you’re intending to record the service as a licence may be required.


Naomi Adams may be contacted through the Church Office (029 2061 0831).

Thinking of Getting Married?

Why not attend our marriage preparation course?

Who is it for?

It is for any engaged couple who want to have the best possible start to their marriage.The course, while based on Christian principles, is very helpful and relevant for any couple with or without a Christian faith or church background.

This involves three relaxed evenings over three weeks 7.30 to

Only you and your future spouse will know what you are thinking and sharing if you choose!

What does the course cover?

  • Getting to know one another
  • Choosing to marry
  • Communicating well
  • Dealing with practicalities
  • Love, sex and children

How do we join a course?

Simply contact the church office and we will let you know when the next course is running